• Honor from National Food Institute (nfi)
Nutrition Sc Co., Ltd. participated the project to raise the industry to a quality management system for food safety and HACCP system to be ready to compete on the global market in the project, "Optimizing the production of quality food and Supply Chain Management" by the National Food Institute, Ministry of Industry.
  • Honor from Food Innovation Contest (FoSTAT)
Nutrition Sc Co., Ltd. supported The Food Innovation Contest for Bachelor’s degree student in the field of Agricultural or related. This contest was held under “Globalize Thai Food to Creative Economy” on 18 June 2011 at Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC).
  • Honor from Supplier
Nutrition Sc Co., Ltd. is going on business successfully and has 30th Anniversary in September 2011; therefore, supplier gave the honor for congratulation.
  • Award provided by Food Science and Technology Association of Thailand (FoSTAT) in Food Innovation Contest 2013
To provide honor and thank you to Nutrition Sc Co., Ltd. in the occasion of supporting to the Food Innovation Contest 2013. The “Food Innovation Contest 2013” was held under the subject “Innovation of OTOP Food Products through S&T to be Export Quality” concepts on June 14th, 2013 at Bitec Bangna Bangkok
  • “The Excellent partner of 2012”
On July 30th, 2013 Tipco F&B Co., Ltd. provided a certificates awarded to Nutrition Sc Co., Ltd. in the occasion of “The Excellent partner of 2012” Due to the fact that Nutrition Sc has an excellent logistic system accurately, and on time delivery.
  • “The Excellent partner of 2012”
On September 2013, our partner provided award to Nutrition Sc Co., Ltd. to be an honor in the occasion that Nutrition Sc is a good partner, and have a business system continuously.
  • “ASO Thailand - GOLD”
The department of Labour Protection and Welfare, Ministry of Labour and The Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health provided a certificates awarded to Nutrition Sc Co., Ltd. in the occasion of the AIDS-response Standard Organization Certification ASO Thailand – GOLD.