Ice cream / Dairy products
Acesulfame K
Intense Sweetener which approximately 200 times sweeter than sugar.
Intense Sweetener which approximately 200 – 300 times sweeter than sugar.
Super antioxidant (10 times higher than Beta-carotene and 1,000 times than vitamin E) for eye and skin health.
Yeast beta-glucan which contributes to the immune system.
(β- 1,3/1,6 Glucopolysaccharide from Yeast)
Caramel Type I, III & IV (Liquid and powder form)
Provides color of caramel
Gelling agents and thickener
Cocoa powder
Provides taste, odor and color of cocoa: Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown and Super Black
Coffee blend / extract
Provides Strong and very aromatic flavor, taste, odor and color of special coffee
Coffee Substitute
Pure spray dried chicory extract
Collagen peptide
Enhances skin nourishment in resilient, elastic, firm, smooth, moist and luminous skin.
For Joint health benefit
Dextrose Monohydrate
Bulking agent
Crystallization inhibitor
Mouth feels for ice cream and other frozen desserts
Sugar alcohol. Sweetness approximately 60-80% that of sugar. It used for sugar replacement and calorie reduction.
Fluid Soya Lecithin
Fruit powder
Citrus, Orchard fruits, Tropical fruits, Berries, Super fruits, etc.
Fruity and sweet flavor
Nature identical flavor and artificial flavor. Flavoring agent for enhancing the varieties of flavor and taste.
Gelling agents and thickener
Gellan gum
Gelling agents and thickener
Instant Tea Powder
100% spray dried tea powder
Iron pyrophosphate
Source of iron which contributes to normal formation of red blood cells/hemoglobin and function of the immune system.
Malt Beverage Powder (White and Brown)
A combination of Malt Extract, Skimmed Milk Powder, etc. Instantly soluble in hot water.
Malt extract cereal
The nutritious goodness of combined cereals i.e. barley, wheat, soy bean.
Malt extract powder
As texture, color and aroma improver for bread, beverage, nutritional drinks, bakery, biscuit, ice cream, etc.
Maltodextrin : DE 10-12, DE 15-17 and DE 18-20
Crystallization inhibitor
Mouth feels for ice cream and other frozen desserts
Natural color
Powder and liquid form; dissolve in oil and water
Natural dairy concentrate
Dairy-based concentrates optimize flavor at low application levels to provide rich dairy flavor, fatty mouthfeel, flavor masking – and significant ingredient cost-savings.
Product range: Butter, cheese, cream, buttermilk, cocoa butter, dried beer extract, olive oil concentrate, butter savory flavor, Non-dairy (butter, cream) flavor, etc.
Useful for Cardiovascular and Neutral system, Anti-inflammatory and other Health benefits, such as visual health
Gelling agents and thickener
Pine and soy Phytosterol for cholesterol reduction and cardiovascular health
Sodium alginate
Gelling agents and thickener
Sodium Citrate
Buffering Agent
Sodium Citrate Anhydrous
Buffering Agent
Soluble Fiber: Inulin, Oligofructose
Take the place of all or some of the fat in a food and yet give the food a taste, texture and mouth feel similar to the original full-fat food.
Use with intense sweeteners to substitute sucrose in sugar free formulations.
Use as fat substituted in low fat products.
A non-digestible fiber with only 1-1.5 kcal/g.
Suitable for diabetics as it does not increase the insulin level in the blood.
Promotes as a prebiotic selectively the beneficial bacteria especially Bifidobacteria.
Improves the gastro-intestinal functions.
Contributes to flavor the mineral absorption, i.e. calcium.
Soy powder
Instant powder with milk sweet and creamy soy taste. Mixes readily with warm water.
Soy protein Isolate
Purified form of soy protein to replace meat of product and improves product firmness for meat product, sausage, surimi, vegetarian foods protein drink.
Special blend (Fruit&Vegetable)
Berry mix, Veggie Fruity, etc.
Intense Sweetener which approximately 600 times sweeter than sugar.
Sweetener blend
Intense sweetener which 350 times sweeter than sugar with no PKU labeling
Synthetic color (dye and lake)
Powder and liquid form; dissolve in oil and water
Tara gum
Gelling agents and thickener
Thaumatin extract acts as Flavor enhancer, Bitter Masking and sweetener (sweeter than sugar 3,000 times).
Tricalcium phosphate
Source of calcium which is need for the maintenance of normal bone and teeth.
Vegetable powder
Tomato, Carrot, Red beet, etc.
Xanthan gum
Gelling agents and thickener
Yeast extract for salt reduction
Special yeast extract for low-salt product
Yeast extract for sweet reduction
Special yeast extract for sugar reduction product
Zinc oxide
Source of zinc which contributes to the maintenance of bone, vision and immune system.