Nutrition SC Value Creator For Food, Drug & Cosmetic Industries
Consulting provided by the expert
Nutrition Sc Co., Ltd. courage you to be the business owner of instant powder drinks and supplementary foods – the rapid-growth business. We highly appreciate to provide you OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufactuere) by marketing team and experienced Food scientist. We are ready to give you the consulting service about planning and marketing strategy including selecting the raw materials suitable for your budget and customers. We develop the products by updated, effective and safety technology in order to meet your requirement. Also, we offer FDA Thailand registration under your brand.
Products manufacturing and development by R&D team
Our R&D team is ready to give you the suggestions and develop the products effectively. We have outstanding formula and control each step of manufacturing process in order to get the products with GMP and HACCP. The consumers assure that manufactured and distributed products have good quality and safety according to FDA Thailand regulations.
Label and Packaging design
We can design Logo, Brand, Label and packaging in order to support your requirements and provide the most satisfaction to you. In addition, we give the suggestions and select the good quality packaging manufacturer in order to attract the customers.
FDA Thailand registration and Brand building
You will get the finished products under your brand. We offer one stop service – consulting and FDA Thailand registration.
Enhance you
To Nutrition Sc Co., Ltd. encourages you to be the business owner.

แบบฟอร์มรับบริการ OEM/ODM

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