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Collagen hydrolysate 100%

  • 100% pure collagen peptides produced from modern German technology resulting in low melcular weight collagen peptides with fast absorption rate into our body.
  • Agglomerated powder with neutral odor and taste provides excellent solubility both in hot and cold beverages. Ease of use, can be mix with various powder and ready-to-drink beverages
  • Beauty from within to achieve visbly younger looking skin; reduce fine lines and wrinkles naturally; increase skin elasticity and skin hydration; also minimize pores.
  • Shiny and healthy hair; prevent hair fall; also promoting health and growth of fingernails"
  • Stimulate type I, III  collagen and fight against loss of cartilage. Non-surgical treatment of osteoarthritis in the elderly.
  • Natural pain relief without side effect of medication, therefore consider to be safe alternative to ease joint discomfort in athlete."

1,200 THB/kg
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